Big Data and Analytics
Builds the Foundation for Cognitive

Big Data and analytics is increasingly a game of inches - a bit more investment and differentiation will yield massive paybacks. IDC research shows that cognitive systems will be a major disruption and will significantly impact businesses, healthcare, work, society and economies.

IDC’s holistic, global view of Big Data and analytics includes engagement with hundreds of end users, vendors, consultants and academics through surveys, conferences, and interviews. Our industry-leading analysts help organizations understand how to unlock the value of Big Data to accelerate innovation, drive optimization, and improve compliance.

IDC Predicts...

By 2018, growth in visual discovery tools slows and products rapidly commoditize

By 2020, new cloud pricing models will service specific analytics workloads, contributing to 5x higher spending growth on cloud vs. on-premises analytics

By 2026, G2000 enterprises will have practices to prevent unintended consequences (including non-compliance and ethical issues) derived by cognitive systems