Advancements in Robotics Drive
Digital Business Models

IDC defines robots as machines that can perform tasks based on current state and sensing, without human intervention.

IDC’s commercial robotics research coverage includes:

  • Advances in key robotics physical components including processors, grippers, batteries, and vision systems
  • Developments in software technology supporting robotics, particularly the use of cognitive approaches to improve learning
  • The integration of robotics into existing corporate processes
  • The use of service robots in industry

Core Worldwide Products and Services


*Additional regional research available

IDC Predicts...

By 2018, 50% of large manufacturers will either be using or piloting drones for inventory and yard management

By 2019, drone racing will break the top 30 most watched sports championships 

By 2021, 50% of large retailers will use robots in customer-facing roles such as store greeters or shopping and delivery assistants