Accelerate Growth with Third-Party Content

Field Effect, a Canada-based cybersecurity startup, needed to create brand awareness and build a reputation to stand out in a very crowded market and ultimately accelerate growth. They partnered with IDC to seek recognition from the industry analyst community to be able to elevate their brand.

The Situation

The cybersecurity company felt that to accelerate growth, it had to build a distinctive and differentiated reputation to stand out in a crowded market. Their objective was to seek third-party recognition through objective, credible channels.

The Solution

The client’s C-suite met with an IDC analyst to work on an IDC Analyst Brief. They collaborated on the topic and language to resonate with Field Effect’s audience and its needs. With this information, the analyst created a compelling piece of thought leadership.

“The social tile is fantastic because we get to use the IDC brand. Most people in information technology understand the role and the strength of IDC, and we got to piggyback on the brand.”

The Results

A concise, crisp Analyst Brief that spoke to the target audience

Creation of an eye-catching social tile to stand out in social channels

Great ROI in terms of brand elevation and industry recognition