Accelerate Your Leadership Journey with a Dedicated Executive Coach

Pathways consists of two accelerated leadership programs, Pathways Individual Coaching and Pathways Cohort Learning, both of which are designed to provide solution-oriented mentoring and coaching from experienced global leaders. Participants will accelerate their leadership journeys through a set of development assessments and coaching assignments to propel their careers forward and serve as a platform for growth.

Evolve IT Leadership Skills with Pathways Programs

Pathways Individual Coaching

Pathways Cohort Learning

Achieve your career goals, refine your communication and influencing ability, build confidence and improve decision-making skills with this accelerated leadership program.

Pathways Individual Coaching offers executive leaders a dedicated, personal executive coach that will assess current leadership approaches and customize an action plan to meet your specific career goals, navigate leadership challenges, embrace and play to your strengths. You will elevate your executive presence, evolve your leadership ability and achieve transformational personal change.

Pathways Individual Coaching Programs:

Senior IT Leader
Designed for Senior IT Leaders
  • Combat executive isolation
  • Shorten ramp time into a new role
  • Navigate leadership challenges
  • Build competencies to launch a boardroom career
  • Improve ability to work with C-Suite, business partners and Corporate Board
Rising Leader
Designed for high potential Director level or below rising IT leaders
  • Tackle barriers blocking career progression
  • Navigate significant change in responsibilities
  • Build strategic thinking capability
  • Improve ability to work with business partners
Women in Tech Leadership
Designed for senior and rising women IT leaders
  • Identify values that influence leadership style
  • Overcome experiences of marginalization, carrying weight of personal and work loads and microaggressions
  • Improve ability to work with business partners

Accelerate your leadership growth and development journey with group learning supported by an experienced IT Executive Coach.

Pathways Cohort Learning is a portfolio of group learning options that leverage an experienced, former IT Executive to facilitate small group work and discussions amongst select peers. This unique program enables participants to gain perspective on current leadership challenges, expand managerial and leadership competencies and advance their careers in IT.

Pathways Cohort Learning Programs:

Women in Leadership Cohort
Targeted for senior and rising women IT leaders

Accelerate the leadership journey for women in IT, from the lens of challenges that female leaders encounter, to expand managerial and leadership competencies.

Group Mentoring Cohort
Designed for mid-level functional and transformational leaders in IT

Provides mid-level leaders with the opportunity to learn from an experienced CIO via an intimate group setting, enabling peer discussions on current leadership challenges to gain perspective and advance careers.

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