Save Millions of Dollars on IT Investments

IDC Sourcing Advisory Services drives measurable savings within global sourcing and procurement organizations. Our Sourcing Advisory Services (SAS) blends seamlessly with our world-class research offering, with concierge-level access to benchmarking data and market intelligence all with quicker turnaround times on requests.

With IDC Sourcing Advisory Services, you will receive:

  • Relationship & Inquiry

    Receive dedicated customer relationship managers to help with your vendor product/pricing, product positioning and sourcing inquiries.

  • Deal Reviews

    Tactical intelligence on individual deals and vendor proposals with on-demand response delivered within three to four days.

  • Formal Benchmarking

    Dedicated projects, complex deals like major ELA renewals, managed service benchmarking and multi vendor analysis.

Select a SAS Product Below to See How IDC Can Support Your Sourcing Needs

IT Deal Review

Document Savings to Stakeholders

Tech Evaluation RFP Support & Contract Negotiation

IT Asset Optimization

Audit Review and Defense

IT Deal Review includes IDC Pricing Analysts that will review your deal and provide peer pricing data customized to your specific configuration.

The IDC IT Deal Review is the leading source for IT deal intelligence trusted by thousands of procurement and sourcing professionals worldwide. IDC's unique engagement model provides buyers with written evaluations of vendor invoices, contracts and license agreements including advice on terms, expected discounts and concessions based on a peer review with other buyers of the same products. All delivered in a timely manner within 1-3 business days of the request.

Are you looking for ways to drive major savings with IT suppliers?

Buyers utilize IDC benchmarking tools such as IT Deal Review, the SAS pricing Database and SmartIndex to drive millions in savings with IT suppliers. Documented benchmarking delivered by IDC allows sourcing professionals to share success with key stakeholders.

Optimize your Vendor Contract and Negotiations

Best-in-class sourcing organizations leverage leading-edge research and expert advice on technology, vendors, and contract negotiations. We maintain a library of research publications reviewing technologies and their vendors. We also publish relevant research and provide advice on RFP strategies and optimizing your vendor contract negotiations.

Optimize your IT resource stack, identify under-utilized systems and intelligent procurement.

IT asset management commonly takes a backseat to key initiatives like digital transformation, causing organizations to spend millions on overlapping technologies or maintaining legacy infrastructure. IDC analysts will provide custom optimization, right-sizing licenses for major vendors like Microsoft and Oracle. Buyers work with IDC to determine cost-effective maintenance for vendors like Cisco and IBM.

IDC will help you defend audits based upon broad experience across key vendors.

Software vendors continue to utilize formal audits as a key source of revenue and an important device in negotiating new agreements and renewals. IDC analysts find a significant portion of audit findings can be negotiable with the proper documentation. IDC will support independent SAM engagements that accurately document compliance and defend audits based upon broad experience across key vendors.

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