Managing and Leveraging Cloud for the Digital Enterprise

WW Spending on Public Cloud Services and Infrastructure

$210 Billions in  2019
$370 Billions in  2022

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Best practices for an effective cloud strategy and technologies that support the digital enterprise.

The Future is Cloud

As the foundation of digital transformation (DX), cloud has already changed how IT has been architected and operated. Early choices made on platforms, resource management, and operational workflows can create long-term obligations that potentially limit agility and growth opportunity.

What: This module helps CIOs and IT leaders get the tools necessary to calculate costs, create new KPIs and visualize success in seven critical areas for application modernization. Included are Cloud Budget Planning models, a process for calculating migration costs, and options for a Hybrid Cloud Implementation.

Why: IT leaders are challenged to understand different cloud options and map it to their organizational DX strategy. A cohesive cloud adoption strategy creates a framework for management to navigate the changing cloud landscape while staying focused on important business priorities.

How: Developing an effective cloud strategy and operations to support the digital enterprise includes the following steps:

  • Work through the cloud economics
  • Add cloud management services to IT services portfolio
  • Understand Technology and Supplier Options for IaaS and PaaS

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs