Business Expansion Architects | IDC Emerging Vendor Solutions

Business Expansion Architects

Identify new markets.
Stay ahead of the competition.

Identify New Opportunities

You are looking to expand your company reach. Identify new potential markets and product needs. IDC’s proprietary data and insights give you the information you need to recognize new opportunities for business growth.

Stay Ahead of Industry Trends

Be the first to know shifts in the industry to satisfy your customers' needs and stay ahead of the competition. IDC's predictive analysis gives you insight into the future of technology, trends in customer behavior, and technological advancements to give you the competitive edge you need.

Build a Channel Strategy

One way to expand your business is by developing relationships with key partners. IDC can help you identify the right partners and channels, and work with you to develop a strategy for expansion.

We’re a mature company and in some ways, we really understand our market. Now we need to understand where we‘re going to take our platform. What should we be building, who should be selling to, who should we be partnering with? This is where we use help from IDC.

IDC Emerging Vendor Solutions for Expanding Tech Vendors

Designed for established tech companies looking to expand into new markets and channels, IDC’s Emerging Vendor Solutions offer the flexibility to build a partnership with IDC that meets the strategic goals of your company.

IDC’s Emerging Vendor Solutions offer:

  • Unparalleled access to IDC’s gold-standard data and research to shape your market positioning and identify expansion opportunities
  • Consultations with any of IDC’s 1300+ market experts to gain insights into local, national, and international market intelligence
  • Expertise in channel/partner strategies and market forecasts to develop strategic plans to expand into new markets
  • Dedicated Customer Support to help you navigate your IDC Experience
A circle-shaped diagram representing IDC’s Business Expansion solutions basic principles.