Early Market Players | IDC Emerging Vendor Solutions

Early Market Players

Increase market awareness.
Accelerate growth.

Increase Market Awareness

Your company is new. You need the right data, research, and strategy to compete in the market. For the past 60 years, IDC has helped tech startups develop strategic plans to break into new and existing markets. Our experts work with you to develop the right go-to-market plan to generate awareness and buzz for your company, all while positioning you on the cutting edge of the tech industry.

Find Prospective Clients

Understanding who your customers are and where to find them is important to any company’s success. IDC provides you with direct access to advisors who will help you develop a value proposition that will meet your customers needs. We also work with you to develop marketing and sales enablement content that is backed by our proprietary data, giving you immediate credibility in the industry.

Attract Investors

Obtaining the right funding to get your tech startup off the ground can be challenging. From the development of your pitch to creating your strategic goals, our industry experts will use their experience working with new and growing tech companies to help you develop a plan to attract the right investors.

With the access we get to IDC’s research and analysts through the Accelerator Program, we now have validation of our strategy and market opportunity and awareness materials we can use for business growth.

IDC Accelerator Program

Custom-built with tech startups in mind, IDC’s Accelerator Program offers the flexibility to build a partnership with IDC that meets the strategic goals of your company.

IDC’s Accelerator program offers:

  • Analyst-made content to jumpstart your awareness and lead generation efforts
  • Access to a diverse set of IDC expert analysts and their advice to propel growth
  • A wealth of published data and research in your highest-priority area to guide strategic thinking
  • A dedicated Success Manager to act as a proactive concierge to help you navigate our research and achieve your mission
A circle-shaped diagram representing IDC’s Emerging Vendor Solutions for Growth basic principles.