IDC Qualified Performance Indicator

Using QPI for Sales Enablement

Whether we provide you with a custom solution, or one of our standard interface options, we deliver high quality datasets and interfaces as one turnkey solution.

QPI Server Performance Certificate

Create Sales Collateral Specific to the Opportunity In Seconds

  • Ready to use sales collateral
  • Easy method to validate your server’s performance
  • Common metric compares all servers of all major vendors over the past 15 years
  • Solidify cost justification with wary buyers

Certificate lists IDC’s performance values for each chosen server.

*Certificates capable of showing additional third party benchmarks (TPC, SPEC, etc.), energy ratings and rack units.

Go to QPI Server Performance Certificate

Go to QPI Server Performance Certificate Server Decision Metrics

Quickly Identify and Compare User’s Existing Vs Proposed Servers

  • Import user servers from a file for quick comparisons
  • Provides a balanced scorecard of the most important server buying attributes
  • Build an evaluation in minutes that will help validate your solution’s overall value proposition
  • Common metric compares all servers of all major vendors over the past 15 years

A more robust version of the QPI Server Performance Certificate taking a deeper dive into comparative metrics, including energy and space.

A Solution Specific To Your Needs

Complex ROI/TCO Tools, Custom Variants of Our Standard Tools

Between our own vast experience in building interfaces that support our data sets, and that of our qualified partners, such as Alinean, IDC fills any and all client requirements for a solution.

For more information about the IDC Qualified Performance Indicator (QPI) please contact Brian Clarke at or (508) 935-4765 or your IDC sales representative.