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Our home page lists new research, current press releases, and events. You can also navigate to any of our Insights websites, or select from a drop down menu of our country-specific and regional web sites.

About IDC

Information about our company including our management team, worldwide office addresses, methodology and careers.


Search for IDC analysts by name, research coverage, geographic coverage or location.

Products & Services

Displays an interface to help you find out more about IDC's areas of expertise and our research products, events and services.


Our global events home page displays links to all regional events, Web Conferences and special event offers.

Contact Us

Offers a variety of ways to contact us at IDC, depending on your needs. For example, you can schedule a Vendor Briefing, get Permission to Quote IDC, or contact Customer Service.


Your personalized space on, created when you registered for your account. Here is where you will find lists of all your purchases, subscription research, and event attendee and web conference links. Your Bookcase will list your saved searches and you can set up email alerts for new research on your Preferences page.

Local Sites

If you are interested in one of our local websites, which may be in the local language, please click here to see a list of the available options, grouped by region.