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The world's most competitive companies work with IDC Metri for the most solid recommendations to improve their Agile development.

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Agile Value Management Assessment Of A Large Financial Software Product Provider

Large Media Company Increases The Value Provided By Their External Supplier Teams Problem

Government Agency Performs A Deep Dive Into the Quality of an Application

Insurance Company Improves Their Performance and Application Output

International Lottery Company Gets a Handle On Siloed Teams' Productivity



7 Best Practices To Get More Value From Your Agile Teams

Providing structured assessment and reporting that doesn't impact the benefits of Agile is key. Consider our approach to optimally manage the value delivery function of your Agile teams.


The Complete Guide To Agile Team Performance Management

In order to manage your Agile teams, you must be able to measure them. Objective metrics are crucial. Learn what these are and how to apply them for maximum productivity improvements.


Lessons To Untangle Agile Delivery Problems

According to IDC surveys, standard Agile development is out of control and significantly more expensive. Get a better handle from this short compilation of learnings that will inspire you.

"You can be surprised how you can increase productivity." With AVM's help, "we made a number of improvements that led us to double our output from 25% to 50%. That meant we were outperforming the market by 50%."

Toine van Eeden

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How To Bring Business Value To Agile Teams

Turn the significant downsides of Agile development around at your organization with the best practices you’ll gain from a CIO peer’s success story presented in a lively and provocative discussion.

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3 Agile Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them (As Seen On The Enterprisers Project)

Many teams struggle to reap the full value of Agile development. Read our tips, and maximize the benefits.

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How Agile Development Teams Can Resolve Agile Measurement Challenges With Function Point Analysis

Agile development empowers teams with many benefits but also presents challenges around managing and measuring its effectiveness. The way to resolve these is Function Point Analysis.

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Agile Value: How Can You Manage What You Can't Measure

When delivering value with Agile requires a quantitative set of processes, this webinar will help you get there by exploring how to gain predictability of high-profile projects, how monitoring Agile teams brings a wealth of benefits among other topics.

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