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IDC’s BuyerView products are built using our own primary research survey data, so you can be assured that the insights we provide are based on what the IT Buyer and Cloud Service Provider are actually thinking, planning and doing.

About BuyerView

Whether it’s Cloud, AI, Security, Service Providers or Edge Infrastructure, find out how IDC’s BuyerView portfolio gives you the data you need…

IDC BuyerView Portfolio

IDC’s BuyerView portfolio is a collection of surveys that delivers extensive data and insights into the minds of the IT Buyer and Cloud Service Provider. While each product can be purchased individually, multiple subscriptions bring broader coverage and deeper analysis of the entire cloud, security and AI markets. Written by industry-leading subject matter experts, BuyerView reports are highly valued by clients and are used extensively to create and develop product development, sales and marketing strategies, as well as messaging for customers and partners.

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