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Core IT Spending Guides

Should be used by strategic planners and market analysts, seeking to understand the opportunities by industry and size of company. Their strategic outlook on spending provides IT vendors with key information needed to develop effective market strategies. These guides combine IDC's extensive technology forecasts with deep industry segmentation.

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Worldwide Semiannual IT Spending Guide: Industry & Company Size

This guide is IDC's flagship all-in-one data product. The guide will provide a granular view of the market for IT spending from a country, industry, company size, and technology perspective. This comprehensive database delivered via pivot table format or IDC's Customer Insights Query Tool allows the user to easily extract meaningful information about various technology markets and industries by viewing data trends, relationships, and making data comparisons across 3+ million data points.

Worldwide Semiannual IT Spending Guide: Line of Business

3rd Platform technologies have created the underpinnings for business process transformation and, in some cases, business model transformation. With such high stakes, the business is increasingly taking a front seat in technology initiatives. This guide quantifies the purchasing power of the non-IT department technology buyer.

Small and Medium Business Markets

This program provides an overview of key IT trends affecting small and midsize business (SMB) in the United States, with additional detail on worldwide SMB activities. The program's survey work and forecasts provide detail on the acquisition and use of key technology categories, including PCs, advanced software applications, IT services, and unified communications. The Small and Medium Business Markets program includes one of the four optional modules, namely cloud adoption — applications, security, and analytics platforms; mobility strategies and application development; global overview; and infrastructure innovation.

Small and Medium Business Spending Guide

IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Small and Medium Business Spending Guide provides detail on small and midsize business IT spending across 40 technology categories in 53 countries. This IDC SMB Spending Guide provides a granular view of the market for IT spending from a region, country, and technology perspective for four SMB size categories: 1–9 employees, 10–99 employees (total small business), 100–499 employees, and 500–999 employees (total midsize businesses).

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