IDC’s North America Distribution Tracker, Powered by the GTDC

About the Partnership

The exclusive partnership between IDC and the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) provides the industry’s most comprehensive view of technology distribution data and market trends in the US and Canada. By combining IDC’s vast market data with the GTDC’s 'sales through’ data, IDC now offers an unmatched view of movement and trends in the tech market, analyzing different routes to market from the tech supplier to the tech buyer.

The Right Data For You

This proprietary data combination is now offered in weekly and monthly installments through IDC’s North America Distribution Tracker, powered by the GTDC. Both delivery options provide sales data from six major distributors for the North America market, representing nearly 90% of the 2-tier channel.

IDC’s North America Distribution Tracker data is delivered through a proprietary, leading-edge platform that allows users to analyze the data via online pivoting and visualizations, and export via CSV.

Key Target Roles to Leverage our Data

Channel Leaders

Leverage the data as a single point of truth to manage distribution relationships via quarterly business reviews.

Pricing Managers

Use the data at an attribute level to see how competitors are pricing through the channel from an overall category and down to the actual individual feature-set.

Category Managers

Track pricing actions and pricing tiers the competition is taking advantage of in each product segment.

Market Intelligence Managers

Create market share reports within the organization to provide insights to executives and business leaders on market drivers and competitors, to help direct strategy and capitalize on opportunities.

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