Attracting and Cultivating Talent for the Future Enterprise

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Discover how to determine DX Talent requirements and assess talent and skills to effectively find and deploy internal and external resources.

The future of work

Take an enterprise-wide approach to transforming the concept of work and how it is done. To be effective, this evolution of sourcing and deployment must include both full- and part-time employees and external resources, including contract, freelance, and partner assets.

What: This module will walk IT leaders through the process of determining talent requirements and putting together a plan for work sourcing that will ensure a successful transformation to the Future Enterprise.

Why: The right talent, both with hard and soft skills, is vital to creating a customer-centered culture and to building capabilities that scale in the manner necessary to true digital transformation. Modern talent sourcing strategies are necessary in a competitive labor market for both finding and retaining workers with necessary skills.

When businesses achieve worksource transformation, they make talent a competitive advantage, business objectives are better met, and right mix of talent is available to meet business needs. DX talent sourcing strategies should be a complete departure from the traditional reactionary recruiting model of source, hire, and repeat, in favor of proactive, data-driven robust talent practices.

How: Steps to bring your organization through a worksource transformation and prepare for the future of work include:

  • Understand the outlook for Digital Talent
  • Determine Future Talent Requirements
  • Create a Skills Inventory
  • Make a Talent Sourcing Plan
  • Align, Retain and Manage Talent

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs