Digital Enterprise Cloud Planning

By 2022, 35% of all productions apps will be cloud native

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Steps for effective cloud strategy, from establishing metrics to ongoing compliance and management.

What is success in cloud adoption?

Organizations are heavily committed to and invested in cloud - over 74% of organizations are currently using SaaS and over 50% or organizations are using PaaS and IaaS. The adoption of cloud comes with a whole host of new hurdles from adoption strategies to cloud economics to multi-cloud management strategies.

What: Get the tools necessary to address security, choose vendors and successfully develop and manage your cloud services and roadmap.

Why: The cloud services model is no longer something enterprises need to develop "competency" in; they need to master the cloud. A majority of hardware and a larger majority of software is now built for cloud deployment. Understanding and measuring your success in mastering cloud paves the way to the future enterprise and avoids major problems that can result from a poorly implemented cloud strategy.

How: Maintaining and measuring a cloud strategy for the digital enterprise includes these steps:

  • Establish metrics to measure your cloud program
  • Maintain compliance in the cloud
  • Manage multiple clouds effectively
  • Assess vendors

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs