Employing Appropriate AI Technologies

Spending on Cognitive and AI Systems will be $77.6 Billion by 2022, with annual growth rate of 37%

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Learn about innovators, key barriers in the major classes of AI, and gain a pragmatic framework that will allow realistic applications of AI technologies.

Changing Ecosystems

Investments in analytics and artificial intelligence will changes how people interact with the digitized world around them and change entire processes and whole ecosystems. Artificial intelligence software platforms provide the functionality to analyze, organize, access, and provide advisory services based on a range of structured and unstructured information. These platforms facilitate the development of intelligent, advisory, and AI-enabled applications, including intelligent assistants that may mimic human cognitive abilities.

What: This module will help high-level IT leaders choose appropriate AI technologies and suppliers through an understanding of machine learning and AI options, including everything from Conversational AI Platforms, Program Advisors & Recommendation, Automated Discovery, Work Automation and Labor Augmentation & Enhancement. IDC has created an AI-based automation evolution framework that evaluates the interaction of humans and machines across five levels.

Why: To most effectively deploy AI processes and technologies requires a framework and an understanding of what technologies are available, what platforms are capable of and key barriers. This will help control costs and reduce resistance among your workforce and customer base.

To help you make the appropriate AI selections for your organization, take the following steps:

  • Determine Where AI Technologies are Best Utilized in Your Organization
  • Understand when Robotic automation or Intelligent automation technologies are appropriate
  • Plan Business Automation for Your Organization

How: Making appropriate technology selections involves the following steps:

  • Create Data as a Service Offerings (DaaS)
  • Understand Your Data Management Technology Options and Suppliers
  • Understand Your Data Analytics Options

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