What's in the Future Enterprise Planning Guides?

IDC’s Future Enterprise Planning Guides outline a digital transformation

Planning guide modules allow IT leaders to focus on particular aspects of the transformation process.

  • Actionable advice in a single package

    Each presentation provides a clear overview of sections and module goals. You can act on intelligence and use relevant data and advice to build the necessary support for digital transformation in your organization.

  • Details and tools

    Each presentation links directly to IDC research for easy download when you’re ready for more detail or to additional online or downloadable tools such as use cases and maturity model assessments.

  • IDC’s deep industry knowledge

    IDC provides you actionable guidance based on our analysis and industry knowledge based on in-depth research, and puts you in touch with the most relevant IDC research for a wide variety of industries.

  • Mentorship and guidance from your peers

    Learn from peers who have already gone through relevant parts of the process, allowing you to avoid pitfalls. You’ll gain a step-by-step mentor, providing the change management process necessary for creating a successful transformation.

Modules are included free to clients of IDC’s IT Executive Programs or can be purchased separately.

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