IDC Future IT Maturity Assessment

Future IT provides the foundation for the Future Enterprise. IDC’s Future IT framework helps IT organizations address challenges and enable the Future Enterprise.

After years of convergence, the future of IT is the future of the enterprise and vice versa. Modern businesses can’t survive - much less thrive - without fully integrated digital infrastructure and competencies. CIOs must focus on running the current business while developing new capabilities for an emerging future.

In Future IT 1.0, IDC has developed a framework for creating the future IT organization that enables you to assess your current competencies and prioritize as you manage complex change across a number of dimensions.

Future IT Maturity Dimensions


Technology Leadersip and Governance

Anticipate and rise to predictable and unpredictable crises and challenges of today and tomorrow

Trusted and Secure Enterprise

Protect trust and build resilience in the face of serial crises and escalating attacks

Digital Infrastructure

Orchestrate a complex business and IT technology transition

IT Products and Services

Foster resilience and respond to customers' changing needs, new business models, and instrumentation

Innovation and Intelligence

Implement intelligent capabilities and help LOBs foster innovation at the edge

Future IT Maturity Assessment

This assessment will allow you to see the relative maturity of your organization in moving towards the Future IT, benchmarked against peers in your industry and region. Your data will be placed on IDC’s five-stage Maturity Model.

  1. number one

    AD HOC

    Tactical IT - IT organization focuses on stable, tactical technology operations, solving problems as they arise. There is little coordination between IT and lines of business.

  2. number two


    Resourceful IT - IT solves pressing business problems but lacks overall strategy to extend IT capabilities. Partners fill non-strategic needs. IT has limited involvement in OT/field technology solutions.

  3. number three


    Responsive IT - LOBs and IT pursue an enterprisewide strategy; modernization of infrastructure and apps is in process. IT is involved in embedding technology in OT, field, and enterprise operations.

  4. number four


    Agile IT - IT's flexible modular digital infrastructure enables embedded, functional digital intelligence throughout the enterprise. Formalized digital innovation is a major factor in business success.

  5. number five


    Future IT - IT is embedded in business and operation models that respond to and anticipate markets. Automation, intelligence, processing, and connectivity pervade the enterprise and its ecosystems.

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