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IDC’s Black Book is the essential tool for tech suppliers, offering extensive market analysis around the globe. Covering over 100 countries and regions, its nuts-and-bolts data defines the structure of the ICT market and where it is headed.

The Black Book is necessary for deciding how to position products and services to the appropriate audience. It breaks down spending among service providers and enterprises by geography, technology, and segment, helping your organization to accurately target prospects and set expectations.

Define Your Customer Target

IDC’s Black Book will help your business to:

  • Align your sales strategy and tactics to the latest market opportunities
  • Stay on top of tech market shifts and changes at a global, regional, and local scale
  • Plan for future new or adjacent market expansion
  • Better target go-to-market initiatives

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We love the resources we have from IDC because we continue to learn
from them and the data they provide."

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Why Use IDC’s Black Book?

  • Refine your TAM
  • View the complete ICT marketplace
  • Adapt to the fast-changing market conditions

What Key Roles Does Black Book Help Support?

  • Market Intelligence
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Research and Development

Choose the Black Book solution that is right for you

Worldwide Black Book:
3rd Platform Edition

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Worldwide Black Book:
Live Edition

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