Effective Budgets and KPIs for Enterprise Transformation

61%  of organizations have already developed digital KPIs

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Learn how to develop and effectively use DX and Digital Business KPIs, and adapt planning, budgeting and forecasting for DX and service-based IT models.

Digital KPIs drive digital transformation and enterprise adoption of both new technologies and new ways of working in those technologies for all parts of the enterprise, including operations, back-office, marketing, and customer-facing functions.

What: Move your organization from among the digitally distraught to one poised to succeed in the changing digital landscape. CIOs and other transformation leaders will learn ways to develop and effectively use new DX and Digital Business KPIs, and adapt planning, budgeting and forecasting for service-based IT budgeting models and digital transformation.

Why: IDC research shows organizations that have and regularly use digital measures in areas such as innovation, digital operations, and customer advocacy achieve significantly better digital capabilities and improved competitive advantage.

How: Getting the executive suite, business unit managers, and staff managers understanding, developing, budgeting for, and using digital KPIs as barometers of transformation journey success, involves these steps:

  • Develop KPIs that allow accountability
  • Effectively use digital business KPIs
  • Develop new IT KPIs for digital business
  • Adapt your planning, budgeting and forecasting system for DX
  • Allow budget (s) for DX
  • Create a service-based IT budgeting model

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs