Reinvent the IT Organization for the Digital Enterprise

The top three ITX objectives

  • 43% of  Make IT more strategic

  • 36% of  Make the IT environment more flexible and adaptable

  • 32% of  Make IT a better business partner

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Rethink and reinvent an IT organization in a product mindset that operates at the speed, scale and scope of the digital enterprise.

Adaptation at Speed

As digital transformation enters mainstream, every business in every region and in every industry must rethink and reinvent itself at a very accelerated pace. Most IT organizations are not ready to operate at the speed, scale, and scope of the digital enterprise. CIO and IT executives must lead the reinvention of the IT organization.

CIOs are facing acute contradictions that they will have to bridge. Innovation happens at the edge and must be the result of co-creation between LOB, IT, partners, and customers. IT and business alignment must happen so fast that often IT may have to precede rather than follow the business. This is a mode of coevolution where both LOBs and IT must evolve together while interacting continually.

What: This module will help CIOs and other high-level IT leaders remake the IT organization to create product-centric IT organization that uses product teams to focus on the business outcomes of IT services for customers, rather than solely on providing those services.

Why: Applying a product (rather than a project) mindset helps create an organization and platforms that are adaptable and flexible but also secured, compliant, and resilient. Products can support a broader range of needs, customer value, ROI is spread across more initiatives, and the repeatability preserves lessons learned by teams, rather than being trapped in individual project silos.

How:To undergo the required reinvention of the IT organization one needs to:

  • Align Your IT Strategy with the Digital Transformation of Your Organization
  • Create a Product Centric IT Organization
  • Get the IT Organization into a Product Mindset
  • Implement Product Teams
  • Cultivate Product-Oriented Talent
  • Establish Light Federated Governance

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