Establishing a Digital Transformation Leader and Goals

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Many organizations are well on the way to becoming a future enterprise. But if you’re just starting, this is a step-by-step guide to choosing a leader and getting started on a successful change strategy.

What: If your organization is just starting a transformation, this module has detailed advice on the foundations for a digital transformation, such as establishing a leader, assessing where your organization needs to head, and creating high level goals and a structure to get there.

Why: As the digital transformation movement matures and changes, companies that are not working towards becoming a future enterprise are at an increasing competitive disadvantage. With over 50% of enterprises now establishing long-term strategic digital plans, investors now expect a digital dividend and industry executives must go on the offensive to deliver.

The Future Enterprise

The future enterprise is IDC's vision for how firms must organize and invest to participate in increasingly digitally centric markets. The future enterprise, often called a digital native enterprise, can scale operations and innovate at a pace that is an order of magnitude greater than traditional businesses.

How: Digital success requires a determination to transform, a clear leader, and a real roadmap. If you've already established these, then one of our other Planning Guides will help you execute that plan. But if you're just getting started, you can lay the foundation for a transformation to the future enterprise with these initial steps.

  • Measure your current maturity level
  • Establish a change leader
  • Assess your current situation
  • Develop a common mission
  • Develop high levels and approach

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs