Creating an Enterprise-wide Transformation

The Digitally Determined have a focused strategy

 of  Digitally Determined
Integrated or DX Strategy

 of  Digitally Distraught
Impromptu, Short-Term or LOB Strategies

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Assess the impact of DX and develop priorities, programs and use cases to support the digital mission.

“We tend to overestimate the impact of technology in the short-term and underestimate its impact in the long-term.”

Ray Arama, The Institute of the Future

Creating a digital strategy is an exercise in imagining the future and crafting a set of initiatives that will enable the enterprise to thrive in the face of coming changes to customer and market behavior, emerging technologies, competitive pressure, the regulatory environment, and a host of other external forces.

What: This module helps CIOs and other transformation leaders develop priorities, programs and use cases that support the digital vision, strategy and mission.

Why: Having an understanding of capabilities for digital success and a roadmap to achieve them will make priorities clear and help focus resources where they are needed. Understanding, scoping, and planning digital transformation holistically is key to enable speed, scale, and agility for desirable digital enterprise outcomes.

If you have not already done so, you should have completed the Future Enterprise Maturity Model Assessment and developed high-level digital goals for your organization. This module focuses on planning techniques to implement those goals.

How: Transforming to the future enterprise requires an enterprise-wide strategy. Developing a single strategy for the organization involves these steps:

  • Determine which capabilities to develop
  • Plan for your digital transformation
  • Create Detailed Business Cases & Priorities

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs