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Impact of Ukraine Conflict
on Global ICT Markets

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has created a critical geopolitical turning point for Europe and the world that will affect global ICT demand in the coming months and years. IDC’s global and local experts are analyzing the impacts across markets and regions in order to provide customers with timely insights and critical context for action.


The Role of Technology in Supporting Refugees


Global Cybersecurity Market Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War


The Russia-Ukraine War: Top 8 Questions from Business Leaders on the ICT Market Impact

Additional Customer Resources

As part of IDC’s commitment to our customers, we are providing additional access to key Russian-Ukraine related research through our Executive Information Service. We will continue to add to these resources over time. If you are a customer and need more information about accessing this research, click here.


How Tech can Help Refugees


Impact Analysis: The Initial Consequences of the Russia-Ukraine War on Global ICT Markets


How Can Technology Be Leveraged to Improve the Lives of Ukrainian Refugees?

A message from IDC’s President, Crawford Del Prete

Like many others around the world, we have been intensely following the growing humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe and looking for ways to help. Please consider joining IDC and donating to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency focused on coordinating international relief for refugees and displaced people. We continue to work to ensure the safety and well-being our affected IDC team members in the region and wish for a swift and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The war and ensuing humanitarian crisis come as the world - and all of us - try to navigate our way out of the pandemic and acclimate to new ways of living and working.

IDC’s vision and mission are tethered to being at the forefront of the technology industry and interpreting through our content and data how tech is changing and impacting the world around us. The commitment we bring to you, our customers, is to ensure that you have the information you need, especially in times of crisis, to make critical decisions that have direct impact on the success of your business.

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