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Let IDC's Future Enterprise Planning Guides help you through key transformation stages. Each module guide is valuable in its own right; together they outline the process for transforming your organization into a future enterprise that can operate like a digital native.

The guides are included in IDC’s IT Executive Programs or can be purchased separately.

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IDC's planning guides allow technology leaders to focus on particular aspects of the transformation process. The guidebooks revolve around the five major dimensions necessary for a digital transformation to the future enterprise. Digital Natives leverage these dimensions to adapt to changing opportunities and threats.

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You can also learn more about the transformation dimensions or take our free Future Enterprise Maturity Model Assessment that will analyze the maturity of your organization in its journey to the future enterprise.


Resilience at Scale

Operational excellence is no longer enough – the future requires innovative, resilient operations that allow intelligence & rapid decision making.

Effective Budgets and KPIs for Enterprise Transformation
Reinvent the IT Organization for the Digital Enterprise
Employing Appropriate AI Technologies
Architecting and Developing the Digital Platform
Modernize Infrastructure for the Digital Enterprise
Rationalize and Modernize Applications for the Digital Enterprise
Effective and Competitive Sourcing in the Digital Enterprise – Beyond the RFP


Insight at Scale

Intelligence will increasingly scale through human-machine learning into work, operations, & experiences that fuel decisions, innovation & economic value.

Develop an Information Transformation Program
Employing Data Management & Analytics Technologies
Digital Enterprise Cloud Planning: Metrics, Economics and Compliance
Managing and Leveraging Cloud for the Future Enterprise

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Choose any guide to see its details or pick a dimension to see related guides.


Work Model at Scale

Work, skills, talent and culture are undergoing a transformation toward a flexible work environment featuring human-machine collaboration.

Creating a Secure and Trustworthy Digital Enterprise


Empathy at Scale

Successfully engaging with the future customer requires empathy at scale. It’s a fundamental shift that recognizes customers’ unique aspects and needs.

Communication Strategies for Enterprise Transformation
Data Monetization Capabilities, Governance and Planning
Developing Data as a Service Offerings
Attract and Cultivate Digital Talent
Establishing a Transformation Leader and Priorities
Creating an Enterprise-wide Transformation
Designing and Planning the Digital Platform


Leadership at Scale

DX cannot scale as a top-down initiative –organizations must foster a culture where transformation is a core tenet and an enterprise-wide strategy.

Nurturing Innovation Culture in the Future Enterprise

Insights beyond the Planning Guides

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DX Taxonomy & Use Cases

IDC has developed hundreds of use cases for digital programs in over 15 industries. The cases outline specific projects, goals, business outcomes and key technologies. Chose strategic priorities, zero in on programs, and get a long-term plan to achieve your strategic priorities.

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Maturity Assessment

IDC’s Future Enterprise MaturityScape provides a framework for viewing DX maturity across five stages and multiple dimensions. The Maturity Model was designed to help business and IT leaders understand and cope with the challenges and opportunities of Digital Transformation.

Understand Dimensions and Stages

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