Developing an Information Transformation Program

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Transformed enterprises treat data and information as a valued asset. Learn how to prepare and implement IDC’s 10-step plan for prepare for an information transformation.

Turn data into intelligence

Information transformation is the focused approach to extracting and developing the value and utility of information relative to customers, markets, transactions, services, products, physical assets, and business experiences. Information is the currency of a dynamic experience chain between the enterprise and its ecosystem that leverages information for competitive advantage by enabling the business to respond to opportunities in less time with better intelligence.

What: This module will help IT leaders prepare and implement an information transformation with a clear 10-step plan.

Why: Transformed enterprises treat data and information as they would any valued asset. Information is not only used to make better decisions and optimize operations and products but it's also monetized in the form of products and services.

How: Follow IDC’s 10-step plan for information transformation

  • Prepare for information transformation
  • Implement information transformation

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs